1. The two main goals of a Catholic funeral service are respect for the deceased and comfort for the bereaved. Attention is given to the mystery of Christ’s death and resurrection, giving Catholics hope. Aspects Of A Catholic Funeral What occurs at a Catholic funeral is dependent on the type of service. These are the main […]

  2. When contemplating their own mortality, most people are troubled by the notion that their family will have to pay for their burial. We at Paul Lahood Funeral Services respect your sentiments and develop numerous funeral plans to meet your preferences. These funeral plans allow individuals to prepay for their funeral in Australia while living, easing […]

  3. In case you are considering purchasing funeral insurance in Australia, it’s natural to be inquisitive about the cost you need to shell out. While the funeral director would take care of the formalities, you need to have adequate monetary arrangements. With funeral insurance, the beneficiary receives a lump-sum amount when the policyholder passes away. This […]

  4. Funeral wakes happen to be one of the common ways in which Australians honour their loved ones. Most families seek the assistance of a reputed funeral director while arranging a wake. When it comes to honouring someone who has passed away, you would try to arrange the best ceremony. In general, it’s tough to differentiate […]

  5. A loved one’s death is a very stressful experience. The grief is immense, and there is a responsibility to make the arrangements for the funeral. Having a quick guide is of great help and makes this difficult time a little easier. This article will give you the steps of the funeral arrangement, from the first […]

  6. If you are supposed to attend a funeral and are unsure as to what to wear to the event remember to wear something that is respectful and befitting the sad occasion. There are a lot of useless ideas floating around on the internet that you need to ignore and only keep in mind that you […]

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