1. Funeral wakes happen to be one of the common ways in which Australians honour their loved ones. Most families seek the assistance of a reputed funeral director while arranging a wake. When it comes to honouring someone who has passed away, you would try to arrange the best ceremony. In general, it’s tough to differentiate […]

  2. A loved one’s death is a very stressful experience. The grief is immense, and there is a responsibility to make the arrangements for the funeral. Having a quick guide is of great help and makes this difficult time a little easier. This ‘Funeral Arrangements: A Complete Guide’ will give you steps of the funeral arrangement, […]

  3. If you are supposed to attend a funeral and are unsure as to what to wear to the event remember to wear something that is respectful and befitting the sad occasion. There are a lot of useless ideas floating around on the internet that you need to ignore and only keep in mind that you […]

  4. The covid-19 has started a challenging time for all of us. Different types of lockdowns are getting imposed throughout the continent. While the times are tough, losing someone special in these times can be heart-wrenching. You can do the maximum for your lost loved one to give them a nice and warming funeral. Just like […]

  5. You might notice that there are several advertisements stating that you would need funeral insurance. If you have gone through any of these ads, you might feel that is the only way you can protect your interests financially. However, is this necessary? Do you really need to get funeral insurance? Here we look at what […]

  6. The Orthodox Church, or the Greek Orthodox Church or Eastern Orthodox Church, is the world’s second-largest Christian church. This Orthodoxy is practiced widely across the globe, especially in Eastern Europe, Greece, and Russia. Many in Australia follow this religion, as well. We at Paul Lahoods Funerals provide services to clients from various faiths and conduct […]

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