What to Wear to A Funeral?

If you are supposed to attend a funeral and are unsure as to what to wear to the event remember to wear something that is respectful and befitting the sad occasion. There are a lot of useless ideas floating around on the internet that you need to ignore and only keep in mind that you should not all for attention to yourself through your attire. The occasion calls for the focus to be on why you are present there and not you.

Being conservative in your approach

Funerals are rarely lively or happy events unless the affected family itself is celebrating a life well spent instead of mourning a life lost. It is a sombre occasion and it is prudent to dress in conservative styles and colours. Wearing all black is not compulsory but it is acceptable attire.

One must avoid bright, floral and wild prints. These will only show that you do not respect the deceased. Showing a lot of skin too is termed undesirable hence short hemlines and low and plunging necklines are to be avoided at all costs.

What qualifies as an acceptable attire?

For women, the clothes which are acceptable can be a pantsuit, skirts and blouses or a dress. Colours should be dark and preferably not from the bright end of the spectrum. One thing to note is that the clothes you wear should not enhance your curves or show cleavage. For accessories wise you have to stick to flats and low heels only coupled with a simple & small hand purse. Your hat should not block someone else’s view so keep it simple there as well.

For men, it is advisable to wear a suit, dark coloured. No sports caps with something written on it at all. Also, graphic t-shirts should stay in the drawers and sober ties should be embraced. Mostly, a conservative suit does the job perfectly well. Leather shoes without anything flashy is the norm.

Exceptions are always there, even for funerals

It is acceptable to wear your military uniform if you are going to pay respects to a veteran you knew. If the religion of the person warrants some particular style of clothes, or if your religion calls for something particular then you may wear that. Exceptions however do not give you full freedom to choose the attire for example you are not supposed to reach a funeral in shorts or pyjamas or in a shirt that has wild prints all over it.

In very few cases, the families of the deceased organize funeral services that are a form of celebration of life rather than the sad loss of an individual. These settings can allow a little more leeway in what you wear. You might be asked to dress up in a particular fashion and you should follow their request. If you are confused or unclear about the attire, then there is no harm in asking them because it is better than showing up in an inappropriate dress.