Unfortunately suffering the loss of a loved one is inevitable at some time in our life

When a loved one passes away those left behind have to deal with the grief and sadness it brings. It is an overwhelming and distressing time, with so many things to take care of – firstly your loved ones funeral. However Sydney Funeral Arrangements don’t have to be hard, they don’t have to add stress to an already distressing occasion. Thankfully you can turn to Paul Lahood Funerals to help take care of everything; this reliable and caring company takes the pressure off your family and friends discretely arranging the best funeral for your loved one.


Paul Lahood Funerals is an Australian owned company who has been providing warm and loving Funeral Arrangements in Sydney for a number of years. With an attentive and sensitive staff who go out of their way to ensure everything you have requested has been done to provide your loved one with a funeral you can be proud of. When you have the pain of losing someone close to you, you have enough to deal with and thanks to Paul Lahood Funerals you can be sure everything will be handled to your liking, the day will be perfect and most importantly you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Paul Lahood Funerals take care of everything, this allows you to take a moment to relax and spend time with those attending the funeral. They do everything to ease your burden on the day so you can focus on what is important – coming to terms with your loss and saying goodbye.

Our Work Process

When you come to see us we take the time to listen, we take time to understand your needs and what your requirements are for the day.

Our compassionate Funeral Director will personally look into every little detail to ensure that your Sydney Funeral Arrangements are exactly what you planned for. We work around the clock, day or night, if you need help – we are here for you, we don’t want to add to your pain or distress – we are here to give you our best service possible. When you come to us to plan a funeral there are a few things we need to focus on.

We focus on
  • Type of Service
  • Funeral Arrangements Sydney
  • Day, Time & Location
  • Burial / Cremation / Crypt
  • Obituary
  • Coffin / Casket / Urn
  • Floral Arrangements
  • Transportation
  • Repatriation
    (sending your loved one overseas)


Unfortunately, there are certain things that have to be considered when Funeral Arrangements in Sydney are being made. With Paul Lahood Funerals you deal directly with the owner which ensures a personalized service allowing you to relax knowing the funeral services will run perfectly. This is a distressing time and we take into account your budget and work with you so your Sydney Funeral Arrangements fit into that too.

For more information, please call us at (02) 9564 0223, or just contact us via our site and we will call you without delay.