1. When a loved one passes, managing the funeral arrangements and informing all family members and close friends can be quite time-consuming and tiring. In addition, you need to organise the funeral services and the casket is one of the most important aspects of a burial.  We at Paul Lahood Funerals recognise that every client will […]

  2. When death strikes a loved one, the family is overwhelmed by grief. Every task and situation becomes stressful and challenging. If death takes place in a foreign country or another state, your stress knows no bounds. This is because of the practical challenges faced in bringing the body of the loved one back home. You […]

  3. In most instances, the death of a person comes unannounced and drowns the family and friends in grief. During this period of sadness, the family members have to take on the responsibility of the funeral arrangements and related matters. This is an overwhelming period for them as they are trying to come to terms with […]

  4. When a loved one passes away, the family members’ first reaction is intense grief and sadness. But they cannot remain drowned in grief, as they have to organise funeral arrangements, inform people about the sad demise of the family member, and attend to urgent matters related to the deceased person. Managing on these various aspects […]

  5. How will my family bear all the expenses of funeral services in Sydney after my death? This is a common concern that many people feel. We at Paul Lahoods Funeral Services have responded to this need many people feel, and our Funeral Director in Sydney has designed different types of pre-paid funeral plans. This enables […]

  6. Depending on what you opt for, funeral services in can cost a pretty penny. Many people today feel that they wouldn’t like to burden their family with these expenses. This is where a prepaid funeral plan comes into the picture. Paul Lahood Funeral  is a leading funeral home in Sydney that provides elegant and sophisticated […]

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