Tips To Plan a Personalised Funeral Service in Sydney

Adding a personalized touch can make the funeral service feel more elegant and authentic. At Paul Lahood Funeral Services, our experienced funeral director can help you plan a unique funeral service as special as the person that has passed away.

For many families wishing to bid a personal farewell to their loved one, personalised funeral services are becoming the preferred solution. Some prefer total personalization, while others go the traditional route, but add a few personal touches to the service.

How to Create a Personalised Funeral Service

A personalised funeral service is in a way simple to organise. It needs a dash of creativity, and some innovative ideas that reflect the personality of the loved one. A traditional funeral too can have a personal touch, and here are some ideas to make it unique and memorable.

1. Venue and Time

Select an avenue that has relevance to the life of the departed. If the person was a beach lover, select a nearby beach for a memorial ceremony. Choice of time is also crucial; for example, you can conduct the service in the evening, followed by soft music and some coffee.

2. Think of a Theme

3. Unique Casket

Decorate the coffin yourself with different unique arrangements interspersed with photos, drawings, signatures, special messages, or memories. You can also have a custom-built coffin with photos and anything else that the person loved.

4. Family Bonds

5. Special Service for Veterans

As an establishment that has been in this space for many years, we know what it takes to offer clients elegant and sophisticated funeral services that provide them good value for money.

We make sure that you get customised services while creating personalised funeral arrangements for your loved one. We provide 24/7, customised Funeral Services in Sydney, call Paul Lahood’s Funerals at 02 9564 0223. Feel free to send us your queries via this Contact Us form.