Funeral ServicesMarrickville

Paul Lahood has been providing some of the best funeral services in Marrickville for a very long time. As a locally owned and operated business, nobody understands the needs of the family of a deceased like we do. We also have a strong understanding of various religious rituals and sensitivities which allows us to easily cater to an array of established religions. That said as a leading funeral service in the city we aim to make sure that our clients do not have to worry about how everything will be taken care of because they require the space to overcome their grief and often emotional issues that follow a sudden and tragic death.

Almost everyone knows that deaths can happen at any time. Even though statically speaking most people pass away during the early parts of morning or after midnight, we make it a point to be available 24 /7. However, we strongly urge anyone and everyone whose loved one has just passed away to get in contact with us as soon as possible. This will allow us to start making all the required arrangements right away so that the funeral services are carried out as planned and on schedule.

Offering the support you need

It may seem near impossible to deal with the loss of a dear family member. Many of us have had to deal with this loss and often times it seems difficult if not impossible. But equally important for family members is to ensure that their deceased relative is given the best possible send-off or at least the send-off that they requested prior to passing away. At Paul Lahood we specialize in making almost any and all types of funeral services in Marrickville possible without having to cause any additional emotional and physical stress to our clients.

All types of funeral services in Marrickville

As a professional funeral director, we aim to provide our clients with all types of funeral services in Marrickville under one roof. We aim to become a one-stop solution for everyone’s funeral needs and over the years we have managed to earn a reputation for being one of the best in this industry. Every funeral we arrange is to the best of our ability and banks on our team of highly experienced and qualified individuals who handle every aspect of a funeral. This allows us to carry out some of the most tedious and time-consuming of tasks in the shortest period of time and to ensure that everything is perfect right up until the very end. This is why our clients have no problem recommending us to their friends and family members.

If you are currently dealing with the demise of a loved one or a near one has just passed away then do not hesitate to call us (02) 9564 0223 at any time. If calling is not possible then fill out our brief online form and we will contact you right away to discuss exactly what is needed.