1. When a family member passes, it becomes tough to deal with the grief and handle all the modalities of the funeral service and other related arrangements. When you are grieving, you need someone to help you manage all these things. That’s where we at Paul Lahood Funeral Services come into the picture.   Elegant Funeral […]

  2. In most instances, the death of a person comes unannounced and drowns the family and friends in grief. During this period of sadness, the family members have to take on the responsibility of the funeral arrangements and related matters. This is an overwhelming period for them as they are trying to come to terms with […]

  3. While most people don’t relish the thought of pondering about their demise, today, there is a growing trend of preplanning and pre-paying for funerals. There are various reasons that individuals choose to pre-pay and pre-plan their own funeral. It allows them the flexibility to choose how their family members say goodbye to them. Many people […]

  4. When a loved family member passes on, the rest of the family is left to deal with their grief and they don’t always get the time to  manage that well; there are always other  important things to take care of such as the funeral arrangements, informing relatives and friends about the person’s  demise etc. Handling […]

  5. When a loved one passes away, you need some time to grieve and it also means you have to handle a number of things such as informing family and friends of the person’s demise.

  6. There are times when you have to deal with the death of a family member and when such a situation does arise, you find it very difficult to manage all the arrangements for the funeral services in Sydney for your loved one. The time can be extremely challenging and all the planning and organizing doesn’t […]

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