1. When death strikes a loved one, the family is overwhelmed by grief. Every task and situation becomes stressful and challenging. If death takes place in a foreign country or another state, your stress knows no bounds. This is because of the practical challenges faced in bringing the body of the loved one back home. You […]

  2. Custom Funeral Services From Paul Lahood When a family member passes on, the family has to deal with the grief and all the nitty-gritty of organising the actual service. Sometimes, the person that’s handling the arrangements may not have had to directly deal with something like this in the past and may be completely at […]

  3. It isn’t easy to deal with the death of a loved family member and the grief and loss that you feel can be overwhelming. While you are dealing with all these feelings, you also know that there are certain things you need to take care of. Aside from informing other family members and the deceased’s […]

  4. When a loved family member passes on, the rest of the family is left to deal with their grief and they don’t always get the time to  manage that well; there are always other  important things to take care of such as the funeral arrangements, informing relatives and friends about the person’s  demise etc. Handling […]

  5. Every family has different requirements in terms of how they want the funeral services for their departed loved one to be. While some families prefer simple arrangements, others want more religious or elaborate services. Certain family members choose to have a more casual service that focuses on the life and likes of the departed soul; […]