1. It’s isn’t easy to deal with the sadness and grief of losing someone close to you. But you also know that as you deal with your grief, there are various important things that need to be prioritised as well. You would have to make a number of calls, informing family and close friends of the […]

  2. Why Pre-planning Your Funeral is a Good Idea Death doesn’t make an announcement before it comes. It’s sometimes difficult knowing that after you have passed away, your loved one will be left dealing with the stress, both emotional and financial of planning and arranging your funeral. We at Paul Lahood’s Funerals can help you plan […]

  3. When a loved one passes away, the time can be extremely distressing and stressful for you. And if this occurs either abroad or interstate, this stress is compounded by a number of practical challenges. Repatriation of a person’s body from overseas/interstate can throw a number of hurdles. Various questions and thoughts rush through your mind […]

  4. Custom Funeral Services From Paul Lahood When a family member passes on, the family has to deal with the grief and all the nitty-gritty of organising the actual service. Sometimes, the person that’s handling the arrangements may not have had to directly deal with something like this in the past and may be completely at […]

  5. When it comes to a funeral service in Sydney, every family will have different requirements. They will want the service for their dear departed to be held in a particular manner and this is where our services come into the picture. Paul Lahood’s Funerals recognises this fact and is extremely mindful of it when catering […]

  6. It’s never easy to speak about death and it’s very rare to find people that would discuss this topic freely. While this is entirely understandable, we at Paul Lahood’s Funerals recognise that some individuals do feel that they would like to have say in how their own funeral services are conducted post their demise. This […]

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